User Bridge

With the user bridge you can create users and have them authenticate social services like Facebook, Twitter, and more in just a single step. No need to worry about individual developer keys for each services or implementing Oauth in to your app.

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Interactive API Documentation

The API has been built keeping RESTful principles in mind, and is meant to make development as easy as possible.

Our interactive documentation allows you to test API requests and view their responses directly in your browser using your client credentials.

Push (Realtime) API

Our Push API delivers server to server notifications of key data changes in the platform. This API delivers updates directly in real-time, giving access to information as quickly as possible and minimizing the need for complex polling infrastructure.

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Key Concepts and Process

  • Concepts

    The concepts below are setup and controlled in the client administration portal. They may also be acccessed, once setup, over the API. Please contact us for access to the administration portal.


    This is the overarching entity that controls API keys and global settings that cross campaigns. All participating users will, at minimum, be connected to the client. A client will have 1 or more entities (campaigns) that exist below it and further subdivide users, engagement efforts, etc.


    These entities exist below clients and correspond to a specific engagement effort, e.g. an effort around an album launch or specific marketing initiative such as a microsite or Facebook tab. Users may, in addition to being connected to a client, also be implicitly or explicitly connected to one or more campaigns. A campaign will have 1 or more entities (promotions) that exist below it to track and reward specific actions.


    These entities exist below campaigns and correspond to a specific user action that should be tracked and/or rewarded by the platform. For example, a promotion may be setup to track tweeting a given hashtag, and then reward users a certain number of points or other items when this occurs.


    When working with the platform the following process is typical of an integration:

    Administration Setup

    Use the administration portal to verify Client settings, setup a Campaign, and add individual Promotions that track and reward user behavior. Additional information and help for this step is available within the administration portal.

    Connecting Users

    Integrate the User Bridge in to your app to connect users to and additional social services, or alternatively use the REST API if you do not need users to connect social services or are already handling this yourself.

    Promoting and Monitoring Activity

    Make your users aware of the promotions and tasks that can be completed (available over the REST API), and use the Push API or REST API to display activity feeds, notifications, rewards/points and more.